Job Order System

Following up your business processes flexibly

Covering budgeting & quotation preparation, sample development, material planning, production progress and shipping.

Production Management System

Effectively manage and control your production

Using RFID technology to collect real time production data, providing production monitoring as well as worker attendance and wages management.

iGarment Cloud Services help you to successfully adopt the system

14 days of rapid implementation of continuous service guarantee

• 99.9% of the system normal use rate • Data backup and maintenance

• Free system upgrade and updates • Free training and online support

We serve companies all over the world

  • 20+ Countries

    Serving a wide range of apparel enterprises around the world.

  • 1000+ Service companies


  • 20000+ System users

    Strong user social network

  • What is an experience with iGarment Cloud ERP?

    "iGarment Job Order Management System is the simplest and the most user-friendly system we've ever encountered, we all enjoy using it."

    — Mr. Li Kai-Hung,


    Fu Fung (HK) Garment Ltd.

    "iGarment Job Order Management System is a real time working platform that provides quality and accurate information, leveraging overall working efficiency."

    — Jiang Liu-hong

    Assistant GM

    Shanghai Donglong

    "iGarment Job Order Management System helps to standardize and optimize workflow, enhance overall competitiveness."

    — Nick Chan


    Hale Group

    “Cloud services save enterprises a substantial amount of costs and time because they no longer require to set up servers and databases in every local office. You are only required to log in to the same platform to retrieve all the data, which makes operations as well as management a lot easier. We are very grateful for the customer service team in iGarment, whenever we encounter difficulties in regards to the system, they are very responsive and happy to help. We are very satisfied with their customer-oriented service approach.”

    — Guohong Zheng

    Information Manager

    Quang Viet Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    “iGarmentJOS accurately processes order information, which saves time for each stage of work; iWorkPMS helps to manage production progress in real-time; the ideal combination between the two allows us to shorten the lead-time.”

    — Johnny Yip

    C.I. Manager

    Tien Sung Group

    "Through iWorkPMS, production line manager or factory manager can collect real-time data of the entire production process, which enables them to react immediately to the current situation with the most sensible strategy, in order to ensure the stability of production system."

    — Mr. Herman Leung

    Head of Operation

    Dakota Industrial Co., Ltd

    "iGarment team is very professional, they are willing to listen and follow up our enquries, identify benefits and disadvantages, and provide the best solution to our problems, they really help us on improving our management problems. With iGarment’s help, we can focus on our core business, and work hard to achieve better result."

    — Mr. Chan Kwok Hing

    Chief Adviser

    Victory Trading (Hong Kong)

    "Out of all the software on the market, we found that iGarment is truly focusing on the garment industry. As the famous saying goes “time is money”, the system helps us to speed up the production process and save costs."

    — Mr. Lai Chi Chang

    Administrative Manager

    Yorktime International Ltd.

    "With iWorkPMS, line managers have a holistic view of the daily line performance in real time. When we know exactly how much time is needed in each step of process, we can assign workers to response to the production need."

    — K.P. Wong

    IT Manager

    Legend Swimwear Factory Ltd.

    "iWorkPMS helps eliminate excessive idling time of workstations and increase productivity in the production line… With understanding the current production in real time, we can minimize production fluctuations and operational downtime."

    — Ernest Ng


    Cactus Garment Co., Ltd.

    "iGarment Job Order Management System is the communication bridge between our Hong Kong office and China factory."

    — Ernest Ng


    Cactus Garment Co., Ltd.

    "netGarment can speed up the order processing 10 times faster than before."

    — Joseph Leung

    Sales Director

    Chi Shing Garment Factory Ltd.

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